Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Real" Housewives of...

BSP and I watch the Today show in the mornings before work. I like the Today show. As much as a person can like a news show.
This morning however, the Today show did a spot with the Salahi's. You know, the party crashers at the White House. Um, seriously? There's nothing else to cover but the Salahi's? But lest I stray off topic, I will save that rant for a whole other post, or maybe not, as I just don't think these "fakey fakersons" are worth any of my valuable time.
But among all of the other "spewage" out their mouths, Matt Lauer tried to pin them down on the whole "Are you starring in a new series of the Real Housewives" to which Mrs. Spewage Salahi  proclaimed "I just love the whole Real Housewives series and would love to be a part of it". To which I threw up a little in my mouth.
Remember this post in which I told the folks at Bravo that there's nothing real about these Housewives? Evidently the folks at Bravo don't read my Blog. Darn it.
HOW is this woman a "real housewife"? I have a hard time seeing any of the women who star in these shows down on their knees in a pair of shorts and their husbands stained tee-shirt trying to get their baby to lie still while they clean poop off every single crevice on said baby without getting any on the floor while said baby lies writhing and crying and trying everything to get away from mommy because baby has no patience for such things.
I have a hard time seeing any of these women cleaning up cat barf for the umpteenth million time because said cat simply inhaled his dinner and promptly barfed it all back up and now you are trying to clean it up before kitty kitty re-eats it.
I have a hard time seeing any of these women standing in their kitchen with a pound of hambuger staring back at her while she tries to figure out what to make now because you've tried every single recipe you can find that calls for hamburger but darn it all, it's cheap and it feeds the family!
I have a hard time seeing any of these women fart in their sleep and then have their husbands tease them about it to which they respond with "it wasn't on purpose and at least I don't blow the sheets up like you do when you fart dear hubby".
I have a hard time seeing any of these women do anything that even remotely resembles being a real housewife.
Will Hollywood ever get a clue? I think there's a conspiracy between Politics and Hollywood. They are both completely clueless to the lives of real people. But I bet if we were a fly on their walls, they probably fart in bed too. Now that's real, don't you think?!


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