Monday, June 14, 2010

Okay, I confess...

Two weeks ago I had the honor of heading to Centerville, South Dakota to be the coordinator for a very special lady. Shawna was my very best friend in High School (25 years ago) and I am so pleased to report that she has met and now married, her soul mate. Hopefully much more to come on that in future postings however, that is not my confession.
The drive from our home in Colorado to Shawn's home in South Dakota is roughly between 8-10 hours and most of it through (yawn) Nebraska. If you've ever driven through Nebraska, you will understand the "yawn". Honey, there just 'aint nothin' there to see!
Obviously because the trip is long, I have to stop for gas about twice in the course of the trip. Well, I don't have to stop for gas but I usually do once the tank gets to about the halfway down point because let's face it, NO ONE WANTS TO BE STUCK ON I80 IN THE MIDDLE OF NEBRASKA!
Because of the recent disaster in the gulf, I think we are all aware of BP these days. Now I tend to be one of the millions of people who "bitch from the sidelines" rather that get involved. I don't have the energy to fight someone else's fight and rather than gossip about someone I know, I can bitch gossip about current events and still sleep at night.
But here's my confession, I could not stop at any of the numerous BP gas stations I encountered. I. Could. Not. Do. It.
This really took me by surprise. I am in no way a tree hugger. I fully support diapering my beautiful grandsons tushies in disposable diapers. We don't have a recycling container. I refuse to buy "Green" products because they are usually uber expensive. I try to re-use my plastic grocery bags as trash bags for our smaller garbage cans but once those suckers fill up, they get thrown out. When my dad was alive, he put glass packs on every truck he ever had and I LOVED it! Ozone layer be damned. We ride a Harley and put bigger and better pipes on that sucker the minute we could and you should feel the heat comin' off those bad boys. Do you get my drift here? NOT a tree hugger. So, I was totally caught off guard by my reaction to getting gas at BP! In my mind and my heart, I know there are local families who are suffering because a lot of people have boycotted BP. I still couldn't do it. And sadly, it appeared that one of those stations has been shut down.
Along with every single other human being, I don't know what the solution to this awful disaster is but I have this nagging, persistent feeling that things will never be the same again. Our Country has been altered forever. No solutions, no ideas but just this one confession today.  "They" say confession is good for the soul. I wonder whose?


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