Thursday, October 18, 2007


Although our boys did not win last night's game, it was apparent to everyone but the obviously one-sided national media, that the Rox have their fight back. They played hard last night and did a great job and all I can say is: I think the Sox better be prepared. Their gonna be on our turf now baby! And just in case any one of our boys happens upon this Blog: GO GET 'EM FELLA'S! WE STILL BELIEVE!!

Well, the first game of the World Series was less than favorable. That's the nicest thing I can say about it and honestly, all sorts of choice words ran through my head last night as the fiasco just got worse and worse! But we haven't given up hope! Today is a new day and there's fresh hope for Game 2. GO ROCKIES!!! (please!!)
My boss and I both tried like crazy both Monday and Tuesday on several computers at work to try and get tickets for Mike & I for one of the home games to no avail. (My boss is a great guy, huh?!) After last night, I confess, I was glad we didn't spend big bucks on tickets!
Stay tuned....

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