Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkin & prayer time

Update: The MRI was in Casey's words "boring and cold". Oh, and she thought the hospital scrubs were super comfy and she wanted to take them home! A technician did come out to visit with Mike & I while she was getting dressed and he said that one of their doctors would be examining the pictures before sending them on to our family doctor. He did assure us that if there had been "something other than what they were expecting" they wouldn't be sending Casey home. So we took that as good news. However, he did tell us to expect at least 48 hours to go by before we heard anything as it took that long for everyone involved to have an opportunity to go over all of the photos and decide on the next step. We'd appreciate your continued prayers for Casey. We know that God can and does move in MIGHTY ways! (Sorry about not getting the update on here sooner Allison. Your prayers are so important to us!) As soon as we know anything further, I'll try to get it posted a little quicker. :o)

Casey was our only kiddo available to go get pumpkins for Halloween this year. She's such a good sport.
About 10 days ago, Mike took Lindsay and Casey in to the eye doctor for their yearly eye exam. Lindsay's went fine. However, Casey's did not. After several attempts to examine Casey's eyes, the Contact Lens doctor called in the Opthomologist because she was seeing something that needed to be confirmed. They discovered something behind her eyes that should not be there. At this time, they feel that it is a condition called Pseudotumor Cerebri. What it is in layman's terms: Casey's body is making excess spinal fluid. It has to go somewhere, so it has built up behind her eyes. The only way to confirm this is through MRI. Casey is scheduled for her MRI tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM.
Our prayer is that God will make it very clear what is going on and that Casey will not suffer. If it is the Pseudotumor Cerebri, they will most likely have to do a spinal tap to get rid of the excess fluid. Worst case scenario: a brain tumor. Our family doctor was called and Mike & Casey went directly to him. He did several tests in the office and really felt confidant that it was the spinal fluid. If he hadn't, he would have sent her directly to the hospital. Casey has been nervous and a bit scared, as we all have been. We'd appreciate your prayers for the best possible outcome tomorrow. We'll keep you posted.


Shoemaker Family said...

Lifting Casey up this well as you and Mike as you wait to know she's OK.

Shoemaker Family said...

I checked your blog last night and again this AM - just wondering how things went yestrday. How long is the wait to hear the results?

Shoemaker Family said...

Well, I guess that is good news that it appears to be nothing MAJOR (in the Drs eyes)...since they didn't tell you right away.

And...are you giving me a hard time for wanting an update?!??? Don't make me drive out there and take care of you!!! :)

Anonymous said...


This is Jenny (Young) Pomeroy from MI. I found your site through Allison's and read about Casey and the possible pseudotumor. My sister has pseudotumor and I would really like to talk to you about it. Please email me at Casey is in my thoughts and prayers.
Hope to talk to you soon, Jenny