Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The 2007 National League Champions!

Just in case everyone is living under a rock and hasn't heard...THE ROCKIES WON THE NATIONAL LEAGUE PENANT AND THEY'RE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!!!! We were so fortunate to have tickets to the game on Sunday night (the night before the big win) but we were a little bummed that they were in the "nose bleed" section. However, Sunday was cold and rained the whole day and night. Because we were so high up, we were under an overhang and stayed dry the entire game. It was perfect! And we actually had a much better view than we thought we would. Next up: Trying like crazy to get tickets to the World Series! This has been an October to remember!

Waiting for the gates to open!

The mega tron announcing the teams. (No idea who the fella is in the picture but I had to get a shot with the teams on there!)

The view from the "nose bleed" section.


Shoemaker Family said...

I thought of you two as soon as I heard they won! Were you successful in getting World SEries Tickets?

By the way...I can't get over how HAPPY you look these days...God is good.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, we need to talk....sincerely your sanity

Shoemaker Family said...

LOVE the color change to your blog of Rockies colors... :) You're a nut.