Sunday, October 7, 2007


What an amazing weekend we had! As most people know, Mike & I are HUGE baseball fans. The Colorado Rockies have been the Cinderella story this Fall. They fought their way to the Wild Card win for the National League West and went on the sweep the Phillies. Weeks ago when the tickets were released for the Division playoffs, we took a chance and bought tickets. Last night was the final game of the playoffs and WE WERE THERE! We had the very best seats we've ever had at Coors Field and what a night it was! And just in case you hadn't heard....THEY WON!!!We arrived really early and were able to have another fan get a shot of us. Have I mentioned yet how amazing our seats were?!

The Mega Tron welcome
(Yep, this is the screen Mike proposed to me on!)

The towels were handed out as we entered the stadium. It was so cool to see 50,000 people cheering The Rocks on with all of those white towels waving!

He's my "big stud penguin"!

Next game for us is Sunday at Coors Field. It'll be the third game of the National League Champion Series. GO ROCKIES!!!

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Shoemaker Family said...

I was so excited about the game just reading the post - you guys do LOVE your baseball!!! I'm quite jealous of your outing, actually! But looks like fun - your smiles are priceless... dear sweet friend, Tanya is moving to Fort Collins...that's where you're at, right? If it is - we're going to come see you when we visit her sometime...(she's in a post a few back about her visit...)