Monday, November 16, 2009

Random thoughts...mine of course...

1. <~~~THIS is NOT fashion. Put a shirt on and cover your bra.

2. Weekends are not long enough.
3. Why do we ask God for things but then we're STUNNED AND AMAZED when He totally comes through and wins one for the team?

4. I hate Mondays.

5. I wanted to bitch about how much I hate Monday's and do a little "pity party" for myself until I saw the Today show and they did an interview with the lady who was attacked by the monkey. She no longer has eyes, can't eat on her own, pretty much has no face and has no hands. Guess I won't bitch about Monday's.

6. I will never vote for Sarah Palin. I have family members who live in Alaska and "know some things". Just sayin....

7. Why is it so hard to lose weight in your 40's? When I was in my 20's, I would have already reached my goal weight.

8. My grandsons are amazing but get UBER crabby when they don't get enough sleep. Guess that pretty much makes them normal little boys.

9. When will teachers learn not to "eff" with my kids? All three girls have been A & B students. Again, DON'T "EFF" with my kids. I can be a mega bitch and make your life miserable. Trust me on this. Or don't. But there are other teachers who could tell you the same thing after tangling with me. (The Capital of South Dakota is pronounced PEER NOT PIERRE'. We're not French. Get it right.)

10. I have barely begun Christmas shopping. I have strong dislike for you if you're almost done.

11. It pisses me off that alcohol has so many calories. It's next to impossible to have any vices these days.

12. There is NO ONE cooler than our Military men and women and the families who wait for them to come home. Many of them never do come home and they are doing it for you and me.

13. Being a parent of grown children is still tough. I thought it would get easier when they weren't little any more.

14. I still think BSP is a rockin stud.

15. Is it Friday yet?

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Wife, mother...and now a grandma! said...

I wondered why you hadn't been commenting! Good to have you back tho'!! Love the post...might have to copy and do one like it myself!

Love ya!!