Friday, October 30, 2009

Dear broken Immune system

Letters of Intent

You all know the drill. Head over to Julie's to see what everyone else has to say. Bless you Julie. I just love Friday's.

Dear broken Immune system of mine,
I've had it. Enough is enough. Last month you allowed me a visit from Swine. I admit, it wasn't too bad. But after being out of work for an entire week, I figured I had done my time. I should have been good to go for the rest of the winter. Right?
But no.
King James and Prince Ethan have colds so why not share with Grandma, right? Was that your idea of a good time? Missing yet more work while I am laid up on the couch coughing, sneezing and blowing my poor nose until it's so sore I think it may fall off the next time I blow?
And honestly, do I really need to be so achy that sitting on the toilet hurts?! Please?! And do you have any idea the last time I was able to "bed boogie" with BSP? Do you really think he wants to touch this hot mess? Um, not a chance.
I have Halloween costumes to finish sewing, I have no time for this crap. I have loads of laundry that need to be done, I have no time for this crap. And I have one hot husband who, um, needs doing...ahem. I HAVE NO TIME FOR THIS CRAP!!!
So, broken immune system of mine, consider this your one and only notice. NO MORE! I've done my time on the couch. I am officially finished with the flu, the colds, the Swine, the Bird and whatever else you might get your jollies off by giving to me.
Now which Kleenix did my nose fall off into....


Just Stacy said...

I can't wait to read more of your blog, I love chicks that ride (not in that way, I swear ...) Hope you and your fam feels better soon.

Kameron said...

I hope you feel better soon. It sucks feeling crappy for long periods of time!

Foursons said...

Yuck, I hope all this sick nonsense takes a flying leap out your front door and that you are well for the rest of winter! It really stinks being sick that much.

Thanks for linking up!

Wife, mother...and now a grandma! said...


You are way too funny!! and you like me cuz I am "real"!!

Praying you get well and start boogying soon!!!

Love ya,

Big Mama Cass said...

AWWW!! Sorry to hear about you sick, again, but that was hilarious! And I am so stealing "Bed Boogie"! That is awesome!! I just sent hubby a text msg that said "care to join me for a little bed boogie?" he hasn't replied back yet but i suspect he is staring at it going... "ummm.. is this a trick?" hahahahaha

Rachel said...

I hear ya! I can't stand this getting sick over and over thing!

Get well soon!

Kathryn said...

Hope you start feeling better soon.

Are you taking plenty of Vitamin D3 to boost that immune system?