Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me Monday

Ah yes, time for another Not Me Monday post! I haven't participated in several weeks and am really feeling the need to be "brutally honest and live to tell the tale"! Be sure to hit McMama's Blog, the genius behind the Not Me Monday phenom and either join the Not Me Crowd or check out the other Not Me participants. You won't be sorry!

My precious kitty Toby barfed on our living room carpet again and we did not all stand there and look at said pile of barf because none of us wanted to clean it up before dear BSP finally did the dirty work. No way. That would be gross and disgusting!

I did not sigh and groan and seriously contemplate not answering the phone when I saw it was my dear 19 year old daughter Linny because I just could not listen to her obsess about every single cotton pickin detail of every single cotton pickin piece of her life one more time! No way, not me! I'm a good mom, I would never!! (Side note: Wouldn't you know it, my Linny read this Not Me Monday post and PROMPTLY called me to let me know what she thought of me "throwing her under the bus" and said I had to post a quick note on here to let everyone know she did not approve. See, I AM  a good mom! I did just what she told me to do! LOVE YOU LINNY!)

As I was watering the household plants yesterday morning I did not discover about a gazillion dead little bodies of fruit flies from the bug bombing we had done about oh, four weeks ago or so. That would mean that I hadn't dusted in that long and that would make me a really rotten housekeeper and I take pride in keeping a tidy house so no way, that couldn't be me!

And as I was watering afore mentioned plants and discovered the tiny corpses of a gazillion fruit flies, I happened to glance up at the ceiling fan to discover it had started growing it's own "hair". That would again make me a really rotten housekeeper and as previously mentioned, I take pride in being tidy so there's no way that ceiling fan could have started doing that in my home, no way, not me!

And finally, I did not do a mental sigh of relief this morning and hope and yes even pray, that we would have the house back to just BSP, Casey and I tonight. As much as I love my neice, my sister Dawn, my daughter Ashley, my grandsons King James and Prince Ethan, I desperately need to get some sewing done and just plain and simply want and need some peace and quiet! I would NEVER think that because I am a good Aunt, sister, mother and grandma, right?!?! I would never think those thoughts, No way, Not Me!


Wife, mother...and now a grandma! said...

That is so funny about Linny....Ashley has discontinued reading my blog altogether because I will write about just about anything, as you well know....I guess it's better that way!! but you are a GREAT mom!!

Kim said...

This is great Lisa, love it!!!

Emily said...
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Emily said...

That is too funny about your daughter. And I don't blame you for wanting some peace and quiet! I always feel that way after we have company.

Emily @ Marvelous Recipes said...

This sounds really delicious, either way you fix it! Thanks for sharing your recipe with us! :)