Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday's Walk

I grew up in a small town in South Dakota. I was so fortunate to live near a whole lot of extended family on both my mom and dad's side. We were and I still am, very traditional Dutch/German descendants in certain things. Namely, cooking and baking. I love all things Bread and all things homemade. Some of my fondest memories are of my grandmothers, mom and Aunts baking and cooking. It was such a huge part of our lives as I was growing up and I don't think I even realized what an important role it played in my life until I became a "grown up".
Recently I've been reminded of just how big of a role it did play. My husbands' family is visiting from Alaska tomorrow and Friday and my kitchen has been a flurry of baking and cooking! Yesterday I took my mom in for some out patient surgery. Once I got her home and comfortable, I took the opportunity to raid her recipe cupboard. I wanted to make another pan of bars but just couldn't find a recipe I wanted to use.
It may seem rather silly but seeing my mom's handwriting on all of those recipe cards and cookbooks was really "heart warming" for me and brought back all of those fond memories.
I took home a few of her recipe cards and made Fudge Nut Bars. I took a shot of the finished product along with the recipe card written in my mom's hand.
What a neat way for me to be reminded and remember a wonderful part of my childhood!


Sally-Ann said...

I love your post. I have the same feelings when I look at my Mum's handwritted cookbooks.
The finished recipe looks yummy

Anonymous said...

They look super delicious and totally NOT on my "diet" or shall I say, my new way of healthy eating :(
It's so cool to have such a rich heritage! I wish I had that as well!! But I do have dutch and German in me...along with many others....just an ole' heinz 57 as my mother always told me!

Linda said...

Kelly, I hope that you will have a wonderful time when your in-laws visit.

Food does indeed evoke warm fuzzy feelings from our childhood, and the ways our mamas nurtured us and fed us.

And then there are certainly "comfort foods", that make our tummies happy. (:>) But unfortunately most of them are fattening. Ha!

I guess moderation is the clue. It is just the excesses in our lives that get us!

Large families are nice. My husband grew up in a small town with lots of family around him. I never had a large family until I married into one. So, I think you are certainly blessed to have all of your family memories, of special times spent together.

Continued Blessings!
Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Aspiemom said...

I saw that picture and thought "They look just like my Fudge Nut Bars" and then I saw that they WERE fudge nut bars!

Bet your house smells good! Enjoy the family visit!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! The bars look delish! I posted just recently about a cookbook my mom made for me...writing all the recipes out by hand - now that she is gone - what a treasure it is!!

Holly said...

Small town life is great. :) I love homemade stuff and bread too! YUM Baking is a great way to spend time with and remember fond memories.