Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day revisited

I had a Not Me Monday post here for several hours and I am a bit ashamed to admit, it was not favorable to DH.
See, today is Memorial Day and what I really should have posted, if I were going to post about DH, was about his 20 year service to our Nation in the Air Force.
I didn't meet my Big Stud Penguin until after he had retired from the Air Force but that makes me no less proud of his service to our Country. Because he is retired Military, we have Military ID and have the great privelage of going onto Military Bases across the Country. MEGA COOL!
We live about 30 minutes from F.E.Warren Air Force Base ( Cheyenne, Wyoming and visit at least once a month. We get our prescriptions filled there as well as shop at the Commissary and BX. Our SAMS club is the Commissary as it saves us huge $$$$$!
Anyway, beyond the bonuses of being married to a retired Military man, I am simply so proud of him and just love him more than I think he knows. So today, on Memorial Day (all be it a little late) I'd like to say thank you to DH and all of our other Serivce men and women. And to my Big Stud Penguin, I LOVE YOU.

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