Monday, February 23, 2009

Doc Holliday for Valentine's Day

"Gifting season" regardless of Birthday, Christmas, Valentines, etc.. is tough for me when thinking of special, creative gifts for my hubs. He is so good to me all year long and I know I've posted before about all of the special things he does for me, big or small so I try to do the same for him. Most of the time I fail miserably but sometimes I hit the jack pot. Like his birthday trip to Washington, D.C. last year. Because of the success of that trip, I decided ONE DAY BEFORE VALENTINE'S (yep, another epic struggle to try to come up with a great gift) to surprise him with an overnight to Glennwood Springs, Colorado. We are BIG history buffs and have always said how "some day" we would go see where Doc Holliday was buried. So, I found a reasonably priced hotel, booked it and gave it to Mike for Heart day. I had never been on the Western slope so the drive was just as amazing as the actual event!
This is a beatiful State we live in! Here are just a few of the shots we took. I'll try to get more on later.
This is a shot of the Denver skyline on I25.

The Eisenhower tunnel

Inside the tunnel

Just one of a gazillion breathtaking mountain views

Taken from the door of our Hotel.

A memorial to Doc Holliday just to the left of his "grave". (Grave is in paranthesis because no one knows for sure just where Doc Holliday is actually buried in the cemetary. All records have long since been lost.)

The headstone

For some reason, all of the Old West charachters, men and women, were buried up on a hill. This is a shot of the trail we had to hike up to get to the cemetary. Mike is pointing down at the City of Glenwood Springs.

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