Friday, February 27, 2009

Doc Holliday for Valentines Day-Part 2

If you've ever seen the movie "Wyatt Earp" or "Tombstone", Doc Holliday has a lady friend by the name of Big Nose Kate. That's not fictional, he really did have a "lady of the night" companion who went by the name of Big Nose Kate. This picture was in a bar that the manager of our Hotel said we should stop in and see for the memorabilia hanging on the walls.

Aspen is only about 30 minutes from Glenwood Springs. I had never been there so we decided since we were so close, we'd make a quick stop over there. This is on the way to Aspen.

We had lunch in Aspen and believe me, we ate ourselves sick here! I look like a bloated tick!

The other side of the Eisenhower tunnell: The Johnson tunnel.

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