Thursday, October 23, 2008

Robyn update

Robyn was discovered to have a condition called 'autoimmune hemolytic anemia". What it means: antibodies in her body are attacking the red blood cells which makes her severaly anemic. The doctors put her on steroids to suppress her immune system and had at least 2 blood transfusions. The very good news is that they were able to get her well stabilized and she went home on Monday. However, she has a tough road ahead of her. Because she is on heavy steroids, it's robbed her of insulin. She now has to have insulin shots in her little tummy for the diabetes this has brought on. They left a PICC line in so Dave & Heidi have to clean that, give her insulin shots as well as the steroids. Her blood still tests positive for the bad antibodies and will for a long time which means Robyn has to go for blood tests 3x a week. She will also have to contiune the steroids for as long as she has the bad antibodies in her blood. Evidently there are hundreds of ways she may have gotten this so there's no good way of figuring that part out which is truly scary as well.
Robyn is an amazingly energetic little girl and HATES the needle pokes which means Dave & Heidi will have a long road ahead of them.
Thanks everyone for praying for her and when she and her parents come to your mind, I'd appreciate it if you'd continue to pray. Thank you!

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Shoemaker Family said...

Wow...what a long road for them. I will continue to lift them up to our Father.

Do they expect her to make a FULL recovery or is this something she'll always have?