Friday, April 16, 2010

WARNING! Political verbal vomit dead ahead!

I haven't participated in Letters of Intent in like, forever and it's time to jump back into the game. Go ahead and read my rant and rave a.k.a. "political verbal vomit" and then jump on over to Julie's and see what everyone else has the intent to say today! And just like my title states, I'm warning you now. If you are offended by the ranting and raving against any political party, you may just want to skip this one altogether.

Still here? M-kay pumpkin...I warned you!

Dear Republicans, Democrats and now the Tea Party,
You are idiots. Each and every one of you. Don't get me wrong here. I have been known to be a member of "the idiots" club in the past myself.
Oh yes, I've voted in every single Presidential election since I was 18 and yes, I made sure my daughters all exercised their right to vote just as soon as they were legally able.
I have voted conservatively and found that to be HIGHLY DISAPPOINTING. (See the 8 years of George W Bush in the White House)
You idiot Republicans had 8 years to really "eff" the joint up and you did a whiz bang job of it! Congrats!
So, along comes Mr. Hope and Change and just like 95% of the rest of the idiots out there, I strongly hoped this was just what our Nation needed. Yeah, um not so much.
I know, it's only about a year and a half into his Presidency but seriously, what part of ANYTHING this man has done can even remotely be considered hope and change? And don't EVEN get me started on Nancy Pelosi and the rest of her cronies.
So now we have the Tea Party. Just another group of idiots. Seriously people, don't you understand that NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON we have ever elected truly gives a flying shit about us lowly, gotta work everyday for pennies just to survive people?!
I wish Sarah Palin would GO AWAY. How dare someone like her begin to think she speaks for me?! If you and I are not gun toting, conservative, livin' off the land people, we don't love our Country. Gosh Sarah, maybe if you truly loved our Country the way you say you do, you wouldn't have just quit on the people of Alaska, many of whom I proudly call family. Gosh Sarah, if you truly loved our Country, maybe you wouldn't have totally screwed one of those members of my family when it was time for some backing from the Governor but instead you threw your hat in with a cronie of yours? Yeah. These are the things we don't get to hear on the news. She's as dirty and corrupt as the rest of them.
Until we have term limitations for members of Congress, the whole sordid mess will just continue to roll on and on and on. And all over you and me.
Ted Kennedy served as a Senator for 47 years. Strom Thurmond served as a Senator for 47 years. The list goes on and on but don't take my word for it. Check it out right here.
Puullleeeaaassseee. These are career politicians who aren't there for you and me. It's the power and the money and nothing else.
I wonder if Comedy Central has a spot for any of them? Because when they all talk about "being the voice of the people" it's hilarious!


Liz said...

a year and a half ago, barack obama stood for election and idiots stood around crying and weeping as though some savior had come. he's a puppet in the hands of the oligarchy. what do they do? they put in a president and as soon as we've had just about enough, they send in another looking like a savior. its bullshit. another way to get their agenda through. call me a conspiracy nut if you will, but i believe it through and through.

the american people will suffer for their ignorance, they'll have their freedoms taken away from them one by one and they won't see it coming. the government, politicians, the oligarchs have one thing in mind and that is power, money, advancement. the people are a means to an end. nothing more.

passionofthemom said...

I'm with you and Liz. Scouting other countries now for possible change in citizenship eligibilities. Sick of the BS around here, and just keep waiting for this whole institution (perfect word for it really...INSTITUTION) to fall in on its own head. REALLY hoping to be gone from here before that occurs....never been less proud to be an American, and that is a SAD F-ING DAY INDEED!!!

Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

Sad, huh? And I believe they are right, we are on our way to something really bad and SCARY and I don't want to be here when it happens.

But, I'm just glad if you are gonna rant, you raked them ALL over the coals! LOL They all need a swift kick to the butt.

I'm making my OWN party: Tired of ALL of it. HAAAA

Foursons said...

"These are career politicians who aren't there for you and me. It's the power and the money and nothing else."

This sentence is spot on. You said it girl.

Thanks for linking up, let me know if any politicans reply!

Kathryn said...

You go girl! Tell it like it is!

I'm all for a movement of voting out those currently in office & replacing them with mostly, hopefully independents.

The crazy R/D issues will never end. But too many people say, "Oh they can't win" & make it so.

Thanks for the encouragement over at "my place" :)

ecelliam said...

BRAVO ! I could not have said it better, just give you something else that I'm sure you can rant about The F_____g TV,, I just shut the damn thing off for good, not because don't enjoy some of it, but because we pay those f's to sell us s--t. I hate propaganda.

The Independent Rage said...

And I get accused of going on anti-dem and anti-repub rants! That was impressive.

Stone Fox said...

this was.. AWESOME!!

Peter Gladkin said...


I understand you're frustrated and agree with much of what you had to say but think your anger towards the tea party is misdirected.... the point of the tea party as I see it is to reel in big government and return to the core principles that made this country great. A small and limited federal government with limited power. We should and must (if we are to survive because current debt and spending levels are unsustainable) destory the government appratus responsible for entitlement programs and return to individual accountability. I'm talking serious overhaul. Bye bye Department of Education, Department of Agriculture, Department of Justice would be downsized, Military downsized, and all overseas troops brought home, no more international aid at taxpayer expensse, no universal healthcare, FDA would get a major overhaul and possibly disbanded - EPA gone - cap and trade outlawed, I could go one... Plain and simple... life is not fair, some will have it hard than others, but struggle defines us and makes us better individuals - handouts make us a collective mass that serves no function other than protecting the poticial body currently in power of their entitlements. Get rid of it all... term limits great idea... another great idea... public officials representing us should have their salary tied to the median income of the American citizens (a Glenn Beck idea I love)... outlaw earmarks, I could go on.

We the people... Not we the Politicians... this must be our creed.

As for another comment I read on this post, someone looking for a new country and new citizenship... whatever our Country has become, we are still offer more to our citizens (and illegals as it currently goes) than any other country in the world. Don't pretend otherwise... the brave fight for what they believe in, cowards run away.

Freedom of speech and writing your outspoken opinions (mine included) on blogs like this one. The right to bear arms. the right to personal property and search and siezure... the fact that we are innocent until proven guilty. These are rights of Americans that we seem to think apply to us throughout the world. This is simply not true.

Don't get me wrong I am not supporting our government - I am supporting the founding principles of our Country. I am incredibly disappointed with the Republicans and find the Democrats to be as disgusting... if I had to catagorize myself right now I would say I am a libertarian, but why must we create labels... first and foremost I am a proud American, with personal integrity, accountability, and the will to stand up and speak out. Things need to change.... but we need to return to our core principles of freedom - not follow this twisted path of progression towards socialism. You are not my responsibility unless I choose to make you my responsibility, and vice versa. If you feel compassion and want to help someone that needs help - I commend you - but don't take my hard earned money (taxes) and give it to someone else that is not working as hard in the name of social justice. Just my ass is what I think of that.

Thank you for this post... I agree with most of it, but I reiterate in my final remarks, the tea party is not the enemy.

tagskie said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

Suvi said...

Hello Ma'am.. Well i happen to be from India which is again a republic and democratic country.. duhh.. and everything applies to the political situation of this country too.. all these political leaders aka money minters are eating up the nation under the veil of good leadership!.