Thursday, April 8, 2010

Onward and..?

These last several weeks have been some of the hardest in my entire life. Once again, I'm not at liberty to share why they've been so awful but I can honestly tell you that I did not experience this kind of pain even when my dad died.
Usually the saying goes "Onward and upward", right? Thereby implying that "upward" would indicate "improving, getting better, etc." right? While I can't quite say I am moving "upward" just yet, I can say that I'm hoping, praying, begging God that the worst is now behind me. That I will never, ever be in this place again. Onward and upward! Etc., etc., and so on. I'm sure you get the picture.
Thanks to all my "peeps" who check in on me and if I can intrude on your lives for a bit longer, keep me in your kindest thoughts and prayers 'cause this is one chick who still needs it to find those "stairs upward"!


Wife, mother...and now a grandma! said...

You are always on my prayer list...with extras sent up as you enter my mind!! I hope you find those "stairs' very soon!! I love you!!


Kim said...

will be praying for you Lisa!!!


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Kathryn said...

Yes, i'm praying. I do hope it is going up . . . not just stairs, but an escalator!



Suvi said...

hope you have come out of those situations ma'am.. all the best!