Thursday, March 18, 2010

Time heals...

Two years ago, the daughter of one of my customers was murdered. (When you're discussing the murder of someone you know, there's simply no way to "ease" into that news, so I apologize for the abruptness!)
Today this wonderful lady brought in a poster and some fliers for a benefit walk in her daughter's memory.
Our office has a long standing rule that we don't display anyone else's "whatever" in our windows. However, when she came in and asked if we would be willing to put the poster up, my immediate response was "Of course"!
After she left, I told my boss what I had done and he totally agreed. I hung the poster and put out the fliers and commented that I couldn't believe it had already been two years since her sweet daughters' life was taken abruptly away. My boss then said something that really fits and I thought it would be a good one to share.
He said "They lied. Whoever said time heals all wounds lied. Time does not heal those wounds, it just takes some of the sting out of them".
I have duo reasons for sharing this little glimpse into my day today. First and foremost, if you pray, would you please pray for the continued "balm" on the sting of this dear mama's wound? And second, I have a terrible "sting" myself today. I can't share further and I do apologize for being cryptic but I would so appreciate your prayers and kind thoughts today myself.
To quote a favorite movie, "Forrest Gump":
"Sometimes there just aren't enough rocks" or in my case today, sometimes there just aren't enough tears.

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Wife, mother...and now a grandma! said...

SOOO praying for you!! Please email if you can or want to vent...know I am here for you!!

Love ya,