Thursday, July 16, 2009

Because kids (or in our case, grandbabies and critters) live here!

I love that Lynette does this! It makes me feel like it's ok to be normal! Be sure to check out Lynette's blog and jump in on the fun.
I thought the nifty paper bag would make a great keeper of toys but King James had other ideas. Obviously the toys never made it back into the bag but honestly, they are all in the same area and that counts for something, right?
This duck has just been left to sit right there for the last two days. Why bother moving him back to toy central? King James will be back soon and the duck will be on the move once again!
And I'd like to add an extension to the "because kids live here" by including our critters. Believe it or not, these are the cats toys. Honestly, we have tried to put them away on more than one occasion but Toby brings them right back up. Yes, these are all Toby's toys. They "live" behind the door of our bedroom and yes, we vacuum AROUND them instead of picking them up.
I am a shoe nut and like to keep my shoes in their shoe boxes. It makes me think the closet stays a bit neater that way. (It doesn't but don't destroy the illusion for me)Toby on the other hand, LOVES the shoe boxes. We find him in them, under them and scattered everywhere.
Finally, our bedroom is our little haven. It's very large and even has a small sitting area. We did this on purpose when we built the house because we knew we would need a place to "escape" even if it were only for a few moments. Well, when Lindsay moved out, our miniature weiner dog Sadie was just devastated! (She used to sleep with Lindsay.)She's getting older and she hates change. She started wandering the house at night which drove me crazy so I bought her a little bed and guess where it ended up? Yes. Right next to our bed. She drags the purple and black blanket around and makes herself comfy. She groans, moans, dreams and smacks her lips in the middle of the night. Not very romantic but critters live here!!


Jessica said...

You look like you have your hand busy busy =] thanx for posting!

Kristin said...

Ha! Your doggie is too cute with her blankets all around her. My dog likes to sleep under the covers with us.

Anonymous said...

we had a mini-D too...and she used to roll herself up in the blankets like a little "pig in the blanket"...must be the breed!! Critters make life bearable sometimes don't ya think??!! I wish I had pictures to show of kids' or grandkids' house is too void :(

Kristen said...

I, too, have completely given up on putting my daughter's toys away, with the philosophy that "she's just going to pull them out of the toy bin anyway." Why spend time cleaning when you can spend it playing instead?! Enjoy those two beautiful grandsons! :-)

Lynnette Kraft said...

It's perfectly okay to do critters too. Remember I said, "No Rules" isn't that nice to hear once in a while? hee hee Pets often act like children don't they? ;)

Great pics. Thanks for linking up so we could enjoy them with you.