Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dear Dad

Dear Dad,
Eleven years ago today, God called you Home. Sometimes it feels like you were just here yesterday and other times it feels like a life time since I last saw you. There are still days when I think "I gotta call dad and tell him this" and then remember and wonder if I will ever get beyond that.
So much has happened in the last 11 years.
Do you know you have two more grandchildren and two great grandchildren and another granddaughter on the way? Do you know you have two new son in laws and a daughter in law you never got to meet but I know you would love them simply because they make your children happy?
There's so much I wish you could have been here for! I wish you could have seen Manda go live in Brazil for a whole year by herself. I wish you had been here to see your only son marry the most perfect woman for him and how successful he is in his job and that's thanks to you. I wish you could see Dawn set up a wedding or special event or how she deals with sometimes crazy brides and their very crazy mom's. She's got the patience of a Saint! I wish you could have been a part of how Jodi had to deal with Justin over the last year and a half. She went through trial by fire and came out victorious with a new grand daughter to boot! I wish you could have seen the end result of some very tough years for Harold and I because it made us the closest of friends. I wish, I wish, I wish....
But would I take you away from Glory? Would I take you away from experiencing Jesus face to face? Would I bring you back to witness 9/11, school shootings, 2 wars that seem to have no end, mom losing her home and car in a tornado? No I would not.
I miss you so much. But when my heart cries out for you, when I feel like no one else will ever love me or understand me like you did, I remember I will see you again one day. When that Great Day comes for me, I hope to stand next to you in amazement before the Savior with my hand tucked back in your big warm hand. Then I will know, I am truly in Heaven.
I Love You,
Half Pint

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