Monday, June 2, 2008

Life in the Kelly house....

Ok, so much has happened that I'm just going to do a "calendar run-down"....

April 27-Mike hurts his back working on our yard. Refuses to see the doctor. Continues to work and makes the injury worse.

May 5-Mike loses feeling in his leg and pain has moved and intensifies. Leaves work to go to the doctor. Doctor can't see him so he is seen by a P.A. P.A. puts him on bed rest and pain pills.

May 7-I take Mike to ER because pain has increased beyond the "bearing it" point. ER tells us a slight variation of what the P.A. says, writes different pain pill prescription and sends us home. Still on bed rest.

May 9-I take Mike to see our regular doctor who FINALLY takes an X-Ray. Doctor says he has a large section of damaged muscle in lower back. Continue on with pain pills and bed rest.

May 11-16-Mike is so drugged up he can barely function. Sleeps most days but has no change in pain.

May 17-Mike goes back to our regular doctor who FINALLY orders an MRI because Mike has no reflex in his left leg. MRI has to be approved by our insurance so we continue to wait.

May 18-Lindsay graduates High School!!(Hopefully pictures will be coming soon) Mike is able to go but takes lots of pain meds to get through the day.

May 19-Mike hears back from doctor who says MRI has NOT been approved. Mike is on phone all day getting doctor/insurance mess straightened out. Mike is VERY FRUSTRATED by this point. (Not to mention Mike's wife)

May 20-Insurance mess is straightened out and MRI is scheduled for May 22.

May 22-A super cell tornado sweeps through our town and destroys a major section including my mom's appartment complex and auto. I race home from work, pick up my mom at her work and fight our way to the other end of town. We can't drive into decimated neighborhood because of storm debris so we walk in. No words to describe what we saw. Complete destruction. People in shock and wandering the streets. We grab a few things from mom's destroyed apartment and head over to my brothers. All of my children,Brother, sister-in-law and nephew are all safe but nephew's pre-school completely destroyed. Les & Christine's home, about a block away, sustains no damage but loses power. Mike manages to get into Fort Collins for MRI.

May 23-Les & Christine still have no power so I have mom come stay with us. We have power. City has closed off destroyed areas and are doing a house by house inspection to see what homes are habitable and which ones aren't. Mike still hurting.

May 24-City of Windsor holds a meeting for residents from destroyed areas of town. Not much news but lots of support from local and government officials. Trying to get President Bush to declare a disaster in order to get Federal money. Les & Christine still have no power. Mike still hurting.

May 25-Windsor holds another meeting and have finished three full inspections of destroyed areas. Allowing residents back in to pick up further belongings. Take mom to her apartment and find that she will not be allowed to live in her home. Damage too great. Les & Christine still have no power. Mike still hurting.

May 26-Les, Christine, Matt, Angie, Casey, Ashley and myself load up all of mom's apartment and store everything in Les's garage. Les & Christine still have no power. Mike still hurting.

May 27-Apartment managers for mom's apartment call and have housing available for mom. Take mom over in the evening, apartment is beautiful and until her apartment complex is livable again, she will not have to pay rent for the new place. MAJOR BLESSING! Mike still hurting but has results back from MRI. He has a severly bulging disc between L4 & L5. A shot of cortisone is scheduled for Friday. Les & Christine FINALLY get power!!

May 28-Call Dawn & Jodi and beg for help because Lisa is losing it! Dawn & Jo both arrive that night. (My cavalry!)

May 29 & 30-Move mom into her new apartment. Take Ashley to her doctor appointment. Ashley is 1cm dialated and ready to go at any time! Take Mike for his shot.

May 31-Lisa is exhausted!

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