Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mike's 50th birthday

Mike had his 50th birthday on April 9. He was dreading it and just wanted to pretend it was a day like any other day. For several months, I had been planning a HUGE surprise for him. He served our Nation for 20 years in the Air Force but had never been to our Nation's Capital. So I planned a trip to Washington, DC. And believe it or not, I actually pulled it it off! He was shocked and surprised! We flew out the very next day and had such a great time. If you've never been to DC, we strongly recommend you visit at least one time. I was totally charmed by DC and the surrounding areas. The traffic is deplorable but we took the Metro (THANK YOU AMBER!) and that is truly the best way to get around to every site and location. Don't be fooled by the pictures of the White House. We zoomed in which makes it look like we were much closer. In reality, you don't even see the White House until right on the street in front of it. It is situated WAY back and you can barely see it from the sidewalk. I could go on and on but you know how it is listening to someone else's vacation memories! Enjoy the slideshow!

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Shoemaker Family said...

GREAT surprise!!! What a treat Mike has in you, eh?