Monday, December 31, 2007

My "baby" is 20

Today is Ashley's 20th birthday. For the last 20 years, New Years Eve has always been an event in our home. Not for ringing in the New Year but for celebrating another year older for my first born.

I was 20 when I had Ashley and now she is going to be 20 when she has her first baby. Yes, it's a little bizarre and a little sad that the years have flown by as quickly as they have. And yet at the same time, I'm so excited for this next stage of life!

She wanted a new tie blankie so I made her a really big one with Stars all over it. (She's crazy for anything with Stars on it!) We also bought her a pack of diapers and a new baby glider. She had requested no baby items for birthday gifts but promptly changed her mind when we gave them a combination stroller/car seat for Christmas. It got her excited to start filling up a baby's room. Nick is just as excited as Ashley is each time it's something for the baby and he always put the equipment together right then and there.

I'm so proud of them both and so thankful for my girls!

The new "stars" tie blankie.

A baby glider!

Putting the glider together.

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Shoemaker Family said...

Happy Birthday, Ashley!!! So...what DID you get from Les & Christine - that pic is hilarious!