Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Guess who's going to be a grandma in June?!

Yep! Mikey and I are going to be Grandpa and Grandma! Ashley and Nick are expecting a bouncing bundle in June. This time we waited to tell everyone until we knew she was out of the woods. Baby has a good solid heartbeat and we even have ultrasound pictures that show tiny little arm and leg buds!
She has a new doctor and he's been so good about staying on top of things during her first trimester. He officially announced her and baby "out of the danger zone" last week. And who promptly started buying Christmas gifts to put under the tree for the first grandbaby? Yep. It was me! Mike just laughs at me and tells me not to go overboard but he very calmly announced two weeks ago that since we were going to have a new baby in the family we should seriously start looking at video camera's. And he tells me not to go overboard?! Bless his heart, I just love the guy!
Hopefully they will have another ultrasound in February and then we'll know if we're getting a boy or girl. It's tough to buy neutral baby things! Ashley has been really "pukey" and is desperate for it to go away but she's going into her second trimester and I'm betting she starts to feel lots better as the days go on.
Now, if I could just get Nick to marry her.....!


Hess House said...

Congrats! Tell Ashley that we will be praying for her and the baby....

Shoemaker Family said...

Praying for a great pregnancy and a healthy delivery & baby!! I'm sure you'll have a ball being a Grandma!!!