Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My daughters

Every year around September, I ask my girls for their Christmas lists. I don't actually get them the first time I ask but it puts it in their minds to get that list to Mom and Mike because if they don't, Mom will start nagging. (I've got the "mom nagging" down to a science. It's taken me 19 years, but ask any one of the girls and they will confirm that is one of the "mom things" that I can do well!) I have to note that Lindsay likes to make her list "humorously". For example, last year among the items on the list, she asked for a boyfriend. We seriously thought about wrapping up a Ken doll and labeling him "boyfriend" but we didn't. And by the way, the boyfriend wasn't under the tree but he arrived shortly after and she's been seeing him ever since! This year she made her list on the back of a grocery receipt and among the items is "the winning lottery ticket". Years ago when I was a teenager, my dad used to tell me that he was praying for a child for me that was just like me. Well dad got his wish! She's my daughter that keeps us on our toes, that's for sure!
All kidding aside though, I am so thankful for all three of my daughters and find myself wondering more and more how I got so fortunate to be the mom of these three beautiful young ladies?
Ashley will be 19 on December 31 and as my first baby, she was my "learning child". I'm sure it's a position she would have happily given up to one of her other sisters at times, but I sure wouldn't change a thing. I still remember her as a brand new little one and thinking "I can't wait until she can crawl" or "I can't wait until she learns how to walk" and then I turned away for only a moment and she's now in her first year of college. Where did the years go and did I really have anything to do with this amazing young lady who is all at once beautfiul, smart and so easy going?
Lindsay will be 17 in March and is determined to change the world one little Lindsay piece at a time. Her artistic ability at anything she touches never fails to boggle my mind. Her art work for the High School alone is astonishing and I can't wait to see if this will direct her future when she finishes with High School. And like her big sister, I turned away from my fuzzy headed little Lindsay and she stands before me a talented, beautiful young woman with the car keys heading out the door.
Casey will be 15 in February and will always be my baby. She has taken to reminding me that she is not a baby but how does my mommy heart know that? Casey has the most amazing sense of humor, and she still takes us by surprise by the funny things she thinks of. Like her big sisters, she's beautiful, smart and very easy going. As tough as Middle School was for Casey, High School has made her blossom.
And the most baffling thing of all to me is that all three of them excel in school. Although if you ask Casey she will constantly bemoan that she is failing, she won't be going on to the next grade, etc. Except that everytime she gets her report card, she's rocking those grades!
I know my daughters are not perfect. Their messy bedrooms can attest to that fact! And yes, they have their "teenage moments" but when I think of the heartache I put my dad through, these girls are ANGELS. If I can take any of the credit for who they are today, it's because I had an amazing father who never gave up on me and so I was determined to try and be for my children what my father was for me. Not too many days go by when I don't wish for him to see how these girls have grown up.
Which brings me back to those Christmas lists. As far as I'm concerned, there just aren't enough things that we could put under the tree for each of my daughters that could even come close to expressing how very much Mike & I love them and how very proud we are of them.
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