Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall is FINALLY here

So, after a very long, very hot summer, it would seem that Fall is finally here. It's rainy and cold today. Only in the mid 40's. It sounds like much of Colorado has even seen some snow. And wouldn't you know it, instead of being as busy as I would like to be, (baking, sewing, cleaning, etc.) I find myself with a bit of a stomach bug. Of course! My tummy hurts and at times feels like the bathroom may be in order. Sorry if that's T.M.I. but that's the way it is folks.
It would also appear that my Blog is in need of some house keeping. Geez, I logged on and was like "Hey, what the heck is all of this" in regards to all of the changes that Blogger has made. I like them, or at least think I do as I haven't done any exploring yet.
You know what's on my mind today and many of these past days though? Wait. I guess that's a loaded question because I always have a ton of stuff on my mind but here's what's been knocking around the "frontal lobe".....Sister Wives. (I never promised a "reasonable" or "thought provoking" topic. And remember, my tummy hurts so just let me go with this.) I really like watching the show. It's like a train wreck just waiting to happen! To me it's almost like going by an accident thinking "Oh I hope there's no one hurt" but craning my kneck just in case so I don't miss it!
 I would LOVE sitting down with these women and just asking and asking and asking. And you KNOW, my first questions would evolve around sex! But after I got that out of the way, I think I would have to ask "Why". If you truly believe this is what God wants for your life, then "why" do you experience jealousy? "Why" does the third wife appear to be considering leaving? The fourth wife made a comment on one of the first episodes of the new season that this was not about lust. It it was, the husband of these ladies could just get himself a hooker. It's cheaper. Uh huh...seems to me the lady doth protest too much! And by the way, GOOGLE that fourth wife and you can find a ton of nastiness about the debt she had to bring with her from her divorce from the first husband. So that leads me to another question..."why" in God's name would this man take on THAT?! I would think that since she does not work outside the home, Mr. Polygamist has to take that debt on himself. And let's not kid ourselves here...He is in lust with #4. He may also love her,(don't know and to be honest, don't care) but he is MOST DEF. IN LUST! It's written all over his face! I would PAY to have BSP look at me that way on a regular basis! So anyway, I just can't get these folks outta my brain! Is Polygamy more common than we think it is? And since Polygamy isn't legal anywhere in the US (I GOOGLED that too!) why isn't the Law concerned with these folks in Las Vegas? They left Utah over fear of legal action but guess what? It 'aint legal in the City of Sin either! Oh! And that's another thing! Vegas?!?! Aren't these folks supposed to be UBER religious? What a crazy place to bring the whole family! (Although if he ever decides to just go with that hooker, he should have no problem finding one!)
I also wonder what it would be like if I were in a Sister Wives situation? I am the most jealous woman on the Planet! I can promise you there would never be any other wife besides me because I'd kill her before I let her at my husband.
However, on days like today, where my tummy hurts and it's been hard to do much of anything because of how I feel, a Sister Wife might come in handy. After all, BSP is out working hard in this cold and rain and he deserves to come home to warm meal. Oh ok, that's nothing more than a maid and a cook but still, today it's looking pretty good to me!
Until my next rant,


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